Learn How to Login to your Netgear Router


Login Netgear Router: Wireless routers are used to link computers into a network without running network cables all through your home or office. Netgear remote router settings must be changed utilizing the routers Web-based interface. Any computer that is "hard wired" with a network cable to the routers, as opposed to on a remote link, might be used to get to the router. From the Settings menu, options, for example, "Encryption," "network setup details" and "Passwords" could be altered.

Router setup is a procedure that users need to experience at least once while adding another Router to their network. If you are usually adding new devices to your network, in the same way as home servers, printers and cell phones or network empowered Tvs and Blu-ray players, you may change the Router setup repeatedly. You can link with the implicit Router setup mainly in your Netgear Router with a Web browser, login and change the network configuration.

When you set up your Netgear wireless router in the beginning, you had two choices. You could manually arrange settings through the browser-based interface or use the Smart Wizard to hold your hand over the process. As soon as you are done with this setup, the Smart Wizard is no more accessible unless you reset your Netgear router again to factory defaults.

Step # 1

Open your browser and enter "” or "http://www.routerlogin.net" in the address bar. You can also do this by double clicking the "N" desktop shortcut to automatically launch your browser and access the login page.

Step # 2

Enter "admin" without quotes for the username and passcode and click "OK." If you have already changed your pass key, use the updated values.

Step # 3

Click "Yes" to check and install for new firmware or "No" to check in future. This firmware keeps your Netgear router upgraded, however you can perform the update later. However, if you need to rapidly check wireless settings, avoid this lengthy step by clicking "No."

Step # 4

Click "Wireless Settings" under the Setup tab.

Step # 5

Click "Logout" button to log out of your Netgear router manager after changing your configuration.


Tips & Tricks

  • Use a wired link with the Netgear router when rolling out changes to your network settings; else, you will be disconnected and need to log in once more.

  • Always try to modify the default password while installing a new router to evade having your Internet connection conceded or stolen. 


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