Logitech UE Boom Review


Logitech UE Boom Review: Logitech owns the Bluetooth speaker category. The EU Boom can be termed as a flawless device with its tall cylindrical speakers that are completely water resistant. These speakers throw the sound in every conceivable direction. The enhanced bass response and increased resonance gives the UE Boom as great sound quality that is simply unmatched. The loud and clear output is suitable for throwing a dance party.

Logitech UE Boom Review

The Bluetooth speaker category has seen a lot of technological advancement during the previous few years. The adult music lover simply loves the idea of cranking tunes out of a wireless portable speaker rather than playing it on his mobile.

The Logitech UE Boom is the best of these devices that you can lay your hands on within this price range. Well, it’s not cheap to be frank, however, it surely is not a burden on your fragile finances either.

The UE Boom can be easily held in one hand. The portable speaker is designed in such a way that it can stand upright on its own. It is also one of the better looking portable speakers. Available in a wide range of colors, the device presents a stylish yet low-key profile.

The UE Boom is also a rugged piece of equipment. Its top and bottom are coated with rubber; the grille of covering the speaker is made of strong woven waterproof fabric. Drops of water can simply cascade of the grille rather than be absorbed. You can basically put the UE Boom under running water and it would still give optimum performance.

The UE Boom is compatible with Android devices and iOS over Bluetooth. When it is switched on for the first time, the speaker turns into discovery mode and connects with other devices. If you are using an Android device, the only thing you have to do is enter settings and seek the speakers in the list of available devices. If your Android device is equipped with NFC, you can achieve the swiftest pairing by touching the speaker and the mobile simultaneously.

For iOS, go to settings and then go to Bluetooth. The UE Boom would appear in the list of devices.

Logitech also provides a free UE Boom application for Android and iOS that helps with the setup process. There is an equalizer with the app that helps in improving the quality of sound with regard to the environment and the preferences of the listener. If the user has two UE Booms, the application will sync them making one of them the right speaker and the other one, the left. This results in a great stereo output. Both the speakers can also be left apart so that the user can differentiate between the sound comings out of each speaker.

As per the specifications provided by Logitech, the UE Boom can be place around 50 feet from the source, however, as far as 30 feet, the devices shows the strongest connection. Outdoors, there are obstructions in the form of trees and other things which cause disruptions.

If you are a music buff who wants a Bluetooth speaker that rocks right away and simultaneously provides the best sound quality, the UE Boom should be your first choice. It is an amalgam of style, ruggedness and sound excellence that is worth its price.


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