Turn Your iOS Camera Picture into a 3D Object


Itseez3D, the first iOS app in collaboration with computer vision tech company n Occipital, can transform any picture you capture with your iOS camera into a 3D object. Characteristically, I try one of the great sir Alex Wilhelm. Basically the application works by mounting the Structure Sensor to an ipad and after that meandering the camera eye every which way over the subject you are taking a 3D picture of.

Make All Your Selfies Go 3D

You could hypothetically take a 3D picture of yourself however you'll must make sure to get each angle, not squint and hold the camera steady. Best to get a companion to help you with this. In any case simply think about all the fun you'll have transforming you and your buddy into virtual characters for gaming… or bobble head dolls.

convert photo into 3d object

It works by uploading pictures taken from your iOS camera into A 3d cloud, for example, Sketchfab and after that executing the picture in a game, mobile application or downloading onto a 3D printer easily and quickly.

Using the application to make objects for Oculus Rift is an alternate conceivably cool application here. Occipital representative Adam Rodnitzky pointed out to that virtual objects can associate accurately with the geometry of the physical world in Oculus, including impediments. Fan of the Battle Star Galactica prequel Caprica will probably get a kick out of a game that uses their exact similarity in a multi dimensional image world.


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