Study Picasso at Apple University to Design Better Products

Apple - United States

The New York Times has given us an insight into Apple’s secretive training program also known as “Apple University.” At Apple University new entrants are encouraged to study courses in the program, originally created by Steve Jobs so that employees may adopt themselves according to the company’s history and culture.

Apple University

The program was founded by Apple’s vice president of human resource and former dean of Yale School of Management, Joel Podolny in year 2008.

The New York Times have collected some information about this program by talking to three attendees of the class.

  1. One of the class attendees told that they are shown Picasso’s Bull as motivation for Apple’s simple design philosophy. Pixar alumnus Randy Nelson is teaching the “Communicating at Apple.”

  2. In another class taught by Nelson a comparison was made between Google’s 78-button TV remote and Apple’s Apple TV which features only three. According to Nelson opposite to Google TV remote’s complex functions Apple was able to keep things simple.

  3. Opening up iTunes to Windows, was a crucial decision taken by Steve Jobs, is now being taught as a case study here at Apple University.

  4. Teachers who teach here at Apple University have been a part of world’s top ranked universities like MIT, Yale and Harvard.

  5. A course is designed for employees coming from Beats.

  6. According to one of the employees, the quality of toilet paper in the bathrooms is very good. 

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