How to Put Your Documents Onto Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

The Kindle fire is a widely used e-book reader by Amazon. Many people used to think that there is no way to transfer your documents and other stuff into your kindle fire. However, they don’t know that there are many ways to transfer files to your kindle fire. Would you like to put files and applications onto your Kindle Fire? You can do this using a computer, a different Kindle Fire, or any other available gadget that has Internet access. There are a few techniques to do it, so let me show to you how!
Transfer documents into kindle fire

Transfer Files by Cable

Besides computer, you can also connect different gadgets with your Kindle fire through USB. Your PC must recognize your Kindle Fire so you can explore to it. If you are using Windows, an Auto play window will automatically pop up with a choice to "Open device to view files with the use of Windows Explorer". In case, you don't find this choice, go to "My Computer" and click on "Kindle". Double click on “Internal storage “to see the folder and files structure of your Kindle Fire. Copy the documents from your computer to your Kindle Fire by dragging them from computer to the Kindle's folder.

Transfer Files using Applications

One of the simplest ways to transfer documents to/from your Kindle Fire is by application. This means you don't have to have a USB cable for it to work, which is super convenient if you don't have one or left it at home when you're someplace else. There are a few applications that will give you a chance to transfer files, particularly by means of a cloud service, like the ever popular Dropbox and much more. For this application to work, both of your devices needs to be linked with the same Internet network. Discover and select the files you need to transfer to your Kindle Fire. If you have more than one hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard.

Email Files to Your Kindle Fire

To email documents to your Kindle Fire, use your tablet's email address and after that add the files you want to transfer as attachment. However, as said before, you can just add approved file types, so you can't add applications using this method. Likewise, if that you need the document changed into a Kindle format to all the more simply read/see on your tablet, simply write "convert" (without quotes) in the title of the email. This is a truly convenient way that I use always, in any case it works for certain types of documents.

Despite the fact that you can see plenty of different types of documents on your Kindle Fire, you can't edit them without downloading applications intended for that reason. Not all document types are editable on a Kindle Fire, however applications, for example, Quickoffice, Office Suite Pro and Documents to Go, let you alter many word transforming files, spreadsheets and presentations.


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