Easy Steps to Reset the Passcode on a Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

When you forget the passcode you are not able to access your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Now if you want to access your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD the best suggested way is to reset your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD back to its factory settings.

Reset the Passcode on a Kindle Fire

This process will result in loss of any settings or your personal files on your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. But still the good thing is that all the apps and ebooks you bought from Amazon will be available. You are required to follow another way if you only wish to reset the parental control passcode. In this way resetting of the entire tablet will not be needed.

What Do You Need?

Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD


Step By Step Guide

Factory Reset
  1. First of all you need to save all your personal data, i.e. files and videos, in case you have not saved it in the Amazon cloud storage. By using a USB cable, connect your Kindle Fire to your computer and then use your PC’s file browser in order to copy the files.   

  2. Type a random password into your Kindle Fire for the consecutive five times. Your tablet will give you an option to reset the tablet back to the factory settings, after the fifth attempt. 

  3. Touch “Reset.” Firstly it will result in an automatic restart and then your tablet will take some time in erasing your files and restoring the factory settings.

  4. When your tablet restarts you need to choose your Wi-Fi network. Touch “connect” after entering your Wi-Fi passcode. You should see “Register Your Kindle” screen before your eyes.

  5. Here you need to type your correct email address and password in the appropriate fields and touch “Register” after that. You should see your tablet beginning the new user tutorial. You are still able to access the content and apps you bought from Amazon or saved in cloud storage.


Resetting Parental Control

  1. First of all you need to go to another computer and open your internet browser. After signing in to your Amazon.com account choose “Manage My Kindle” from the “Your Account” menu.
  2. Choose “Manage Your Devices,” press the “Actions” button and then press “Deregister Device.” Here you need to know that by doing so you will not be able to use apps or ebooks you bought from Amazon. But you can easily access them when you register again.
  3. Choose “More” after swiping down from the top. Touch “My Account” and then “Register.”
  4. Type the email address and password you use for your Amazon account. Finally Touch “Done.”
  5. Choose “More” after swiping down from the top once again as you did earlier and choose “Parental Controls.” Your parental control password has been reset if your screen displays 2 different fields for creating a password. You should click “ok” without entering a password if you see only one field. You will have to factory set your Kindle if you are still unable to access the parental controls.  


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