How to Reset the Password on Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Reset Password of Kindle Fire: The prime security feature of your Kindle Fire tablet would be the capacity to use and nominate your own password. Your Kindle Fire passkey restricts unpermitted people from using your tablet. Starting today, there are about two password options made available by Amazon to all the Fire tablet users. The first is the screen lock or passkey that generally secures the whole gadget. The second security peculiarity is the password information for all your Amazon store purchases. Changing your tablet's passkey repeatedly every month or quarterly interims is also ideal. Here are a few tips to change passcode of your Kindle device.

How to Reset Kindle Fire Password

Factory Reset

The most important thing for any person in its device is its personal contacts like music, photos, and other important data that is saved in cloud storage. So, first step before resetting your passkey is to take backup of your device.

When you are done with backup, enter a random secret code into the tablet five times back-to-back. After the fifth attempt, the tablet gives you the option of either waiting another 30 seconds to try again or resetting the tablet back to the factory condition.

Now, click on “Reset” and the tablet will automatically restart and uses a few minutes deleting your documents and restoring the original settings.

Select your Wi-Fi network once the tablet restarts, enter your Wi-Fi passcode if you use one and then tap "Connect."

Now you will see a screen requiring email ID and password. Enter your details here and the Kindle will start showing the new user tutorial. While your personal documents are gone, you can even now get to any data or applications bought from Amazon or saved in cloud storage.

Reset Parental Control

Sign into your account from a difference machine and select "Manage with My Kindle" from "Your Account" menu at the top side of the page.

Select "Manage with Your Devices," tap on "Actions" button next to the listing for the tablet and after that click "Deregister Device." Unregistering the gadget saves you from using any applications or eBooks bought from Amazon, yet everything comes back to normal once you sign up once more.

Swipe down from the top of the Kindle's Home screen and select "More," tap "My Account" and then tap "Sign Up."

Enter the email and secret key for your online account and then tap "Done."

Now, Swipe down from the screen and tap "Parental Controls." If the screen shows two different fields for making a passkey, your parental controls secret word has been reset. If you see one passkey field, click "OK" without entering a password. If you are still not able to get to the parental controls, your only other choice is to factory reset the Kindle.


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