Easy Steps to Reset Your Westell DSL Router

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Reset Westell DSL Router:: A DSL modem/router combo, such as a Westell router, assigns new IP addresses to devices as they are added to the network, keeps network traffic flowing and allocates available addresses from which to choose for network devices. Invariably, there will come a time when you need to reset your Westell modem to re-enable connectivity in your home network, restore your device to factory specs or you are advised to by a DSL technical support technician

Reset Westell DSL Router:

Westell router a DSL modem when added to the network are assigned with a new IP address, get the network flowing and relocates open addresses from which to select for network devices. However, a time comes when you have to reset your Westell modem to enable connectivity to your home network. This process of resetting will restore the device to factory settings, that is advised to you by DSL technical support expert.

Reset Westell DSL RouterFirstly, take a paper clip and bend it to get it adjusted in a straight line.

Westell internet modemFind the reset button on the modem, which is usually at the back.

High speed broadband DSLNow press the end of the paper clip against the reset button unless you hear a tick sound. Press the button for at least 10 seconds.
Internet RouterRelease the button and pause for one minute approximately. Make sure that after this process, all the lights are on and solid green. After all the lights are solid green, it means that the router has been successfully reset. 

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