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The Fire Phone is the first Smartphone by Amazon. The company spent years on planning and designing the Fire Phone and ultimately came up with a device that is a complete rethinking of the way people use their phones.

Amazon has put a lot of innovative ideas into the way the phone works. Unfortunately, they failed to concentrate on the look of the phone. There is no doubt that the Fire is a distinctly Amazonian gadget.

Amazon Fire Phone Review

The Fire is extremely efficient, however, it does comprise on its looks. The device is a black rectangular slab that has glass panels connected by plastic sides.

There are five cameras on the phone’s front panel – and these cameras are very obvious. Somehow, it looks as if they don’t belong there. Yet, these cameras are the only distinctive feature of the Fire Phone. People can’t recognize the Fire Phone until they are shown a picture of it, or they make out the Amazon logo which is also etched on the rear side of the phone.

Out of a total number of six cameras, the user may take picture only with two of them. The quality of the pictures is very good indeed.  The Fire also provides unlimited storage capacity for all the pictures taken through the device since it is synced with the Cloud services of Amazon. Professional photographers will deem this a great deal unmatched by any other contemporary device.

At the rear, there is a 13 – megapixel camera that shoots clear and clean images. The camera does have a focusing problem that may hurt the video at some times. The footage shot with the Fire is pulsing in and out in the absence of absolute focus.

There is nothing very innovative about the Hardware of the device. This reiterates the idea that Amazon’s objective is to create a device that serves its primary purpose in an efficient manner. Amazon has succeeded in achieving this objective, however, compared to the metallic HTC, Nexus and the iPhone, the Fire seems to be lacking a very special ingredient: its appearance.

On the left side of the device, beneath h the volume control, there is a button. When the user clicks this button, it activates the Firefly feature. The Firefly can recognize a lot of things including TV shows and songs. One may also call it the price comparison tool. With the help of this feature, a user is able to see Amazon’s offered price for just about anything.

Dynamic perceptive is another feature that is unique to the FirePhone.  The four cameras on each side of the phone are used for tracking the position of the user’s head. When a user moves his head, the phone shifts your perspective. The feature is a novel idea that is also a great thing to show off.

Ultimately, the FirePhone serves as a store that offers access to a world of content and items. It has made renting and buying of goods extremely easy.


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