Curvaceously-Designed Samsung Galaxy Round Ad Compares its phone to Avocados, Russian Dolls (Video)


How Incongruous is it that on the day that LG launches its curved LG Flex smartphone, we promptly reveal to you a TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy Round? and limited number of units for both models are available inside South Korea, which bodes well since both LG and Samsung are Korean based.

One major distinction between the two is the direction of the curve. On Samsung's Galaxy Round, the bend is on the vertical hub. On the Lg Flex, the bend is on the horizontal asix. Simply something for you to keep eye on.

In the mean time, watch the video above to see the ad which emphasizes 30 seconds of things that are round, or are formed as the Galaxy Round, incorporating the handset. Speaking of things round, which screen would you like more? Remember, the curve on the Galaxy Round bends left to right (or right to left) while the screen on the Lg Flex twists in from the top and base.

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