How to Save Instagram Photos


Instagram is the name that comes to mind when we think about seeing pictures of people and different places across the world. Who doesn’t like viewing photos in photostream? Everybody does and there is no doubt about that. Sometimes people want to save photos to view them later. There is a way following which you can save photos in order to view them later. Instagram users know that saving photos directly on the app is not possible. So there are ways around to save pictures from Instagram onto your device phone or computer.

Using Third Party Sites & Apps

1. You cannot save photos onto your device directly from Instagram. Instagram does not allow you to save photos because of some copyright issues involved. But this is for your own good. This is the only way to protect people from stealing your data.

  • Don’t use someone’s work with the intention of making money.
  • Make sure you attribute the original photographer when sharing pictures.
  • Instagram has the right to save photos from the app.

2. There are some sites that can help you get your favorite photos from any user. Launch you web browser and search for “download user instagram” photos. You will see a number of sites in the search results. You can use any of the sites listed in search results to save photos of any username without any problem. Simply search the desired username and then click on the image. You will a find a button named “Save Image” at the end of the page using which you can save the pictures.

  • You can also access these sites on your smartphone.
  • There are sites you can try like and Free Instagram Downloader.

3. There are some photo saving apps you can use. These apps can be very useful to help you access photos of your friend. Firstly Google “Save Instagram” in order to find apps that can help you do what you want to do. The apps you find here can be installed on your Android and iOS devices. These apps required the user to login to his Instagram account and request “access”. When they are allowed access, they are able to download any photo in your photo stream. These are free to use so you don’t have to pay anything.

  • When you give Instagram access it means that now Instagram has the right to access your Instagram information.
  • Facing technical issues? No problem, you can try some other app, there are plenty of apps.
  • Some apps you can consider trying are Instagrab, GramDrive Downloader, SaveGram etc.

Save Instagram Photos


1. First of all access Generally Instagram users use their phones to access their photos. But you can access from your computer which is easier way to save your photos.

  • You need to have an account on the Instagram app. You can login only if you have an account.

2. Secondly you need to find the photo you want app to save. Remember this app will only show photos from your friends and it will not allow you search other photos. It is because of some copyright issues involved.

  • You can access user’s feed. You simply have to add his or her username at the end of the URL such as .

3. Go to the particular page of the photo you wish to download. You will click gray ellipses, generally below the right corner or to the right of the Comment section. You will see two options which are following

  • Report as Inappropriate
  • View Photo Page

You need to choose the second option, “view photo page”.

4. Firefox users simply need to right click on the picture and then choose “View Background Image”.
5. Chrome users will simply right click the image and select Inspect Element. By doing so user will see HTML code on the screen and a section of code will be highlighted in blue.

  • First copy the highlighted code and paste into your browser.
  • Delete everything except the image code. Include the “https://” and “.jpg”.
  • Hit enter button and you will see your picture on the screen ready to be saved.

6. Saving the picture to your computer is very easy. Simply right click on the image in your new page and select “Save Image As”. Name the image and choose the location where you want to save the image.

  • If you don’t choose any location, by default the image will be saved in your Photo Library.

7. You can also take the screenshot of the picture you want to save. Windows and Linux users can do so by simply pressing “Prt Scr” key. This is how you save a picture to your clipboard. Paste the picture into any photo editor such as Photoshop or Paint. Here you easily save the image.

  • Now you have the image. You simply need to crop away the rest of your screenshot.

Saving Photos Using Facebook Messenger

  1. Firstly launch Instagram on your smartphone. And then find the photo you want to save.
  2. There are three vertical dots on the top right side. Click the dots.
  3. Next click “Copy Share URL”.
  4. Now open Facebook manager.
  5. Search “Repost Bot”
  6. Here you need to paste “Instagram share URL” and press Send button.
  7. You will download the photo by simply clicking the download button below the photo.

Backing Up Your Instagram Photos

1. There are many sites that save all your photos. You can use these sites even if you have photos in bulk. This is how you keep extra copy of your photos just in case you remove your Instagram account. Open your browser and search for “Instagram Backup”.

  • You can use sites like Instaport and FrostBox.
  • There may be little variances but most of these sites follow general instructions given below

2. You need to enter your Instagram username and password. You do so in order to access all of your pictures at once. It also makes it impossible for others to download your photo library without seeking your permission. You need to be very careful when on sites that request “permission to post”.

3. Photos can be saved to a .zip file. Click the Advanced Options button if you wish to put limit on the download by date or number.

4. Click “Start Export”. The amount of time it will take may vary depending on the number of photos you want to download. Once it is done you will have a folder containing all of your Instagrma photos.

  • Cannot find your photos? Check your Download folder.

5. A copy of a photo, taken on instagram app, is also saved in your Camera Roll. You can also tell the app to save a copy of the picture before you add filters too.

  • Firstly open your profile by touching the silhouette button at lower right corner of the app.
  • Open your settings by simply touching the gear icon.
  • Turn on “Enable Original Photos”.

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