Guide to Side-load Android Apps on Blackberry Playbook


Blackberry Playbook came up with a new and distinct operating system of its own. Although it have its own apps, but android apps are getting more popular than anything else. In order to use the same apps on your blackberry playbook tablet PC, you need to go through few technical but easy steps. The side loading becomes very simple with an app manager. Blackberry playbook has its own manager which can give you an instant access to lots of android apps by following a few simple steps.

Blackberry Playbook Side-loading Android Apps

Side loading, as the name suggests, downloading apps from side parties, which means downloading apps for your tablet or smart phone from places other than Google Play Store. Here it means, downloading android apps on blackberry playbook operating system. Side loading has opened many sources of apps that were previously unreachable. The users who own a set other than android was not able to enjoy the same interactive and entertaining apps on their phones or tablets. Although side loading is easy but it needs a little effort and technical knowledge. By following the tips below, you can convert apps according to your mobile device that were created for android.

Download DDPB Installer

Search the DDPB Installer through any search engine and you can get it downloaded at your PC. This software will allow you to easily connect with you blackberry playbook and install apps.

Download apps of your choice in .bar extension

It’s a time saving tip, as most of the users try to convert .apk files to .bar. Work smartly and type .bar with your search and download the file. For example your want to download Fruit Ninja then write Fruit Ninja .bar in Google and get the required file downloaded. Download rest of the apps in the same manner and save it in a memorable location.

Connect your Blackberry Playbook to your PC

Go to your Blackberry Playbook tablet, click settings, enter the security and privacy, and turn the development mode ON. Now connect your tablet to your PC via a USB cable.

Now execute DDPB Installer and link Playbook by hitting Scan button. Stay at the same window and add files of your favorite apps. It’s the place where you have to add files with .bar extension. The files will be added to the list. Click install to get it side loaded in blackberry playbook.

Some apps may take longer to install, so wait until it notifies you about successful installation. So don’t worry if its delays your side loading. After installation you can view an icon on your tablet. You are not required to restart your playbook but you shall disconnect it from your PC. 


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