How to Sign in to SBC Global Email Remotely -


SBCglobal email sign in learning guide and step by step instruction how to access SBC Global remotely easily and quickly. As you know that AT&T merged with Yahoo email services to facilitate its customers provide more features for SBCglobal email users. SBCglobal customers can now access all email features provided by Yahoo to its other email users. In this step by step guide, you will learn how to access your SBCglobal email account remotely.

SBC Global Email Step by Step
  • Access SBCglobal email using your computer or cell phone browser go to the SBC Global website which is now and click on the enevelop icon in the upper right corner labeled "Mail."

  • in the 2nd step find the section that says "Are you away from home?" and enter your sbcglobal email address and select "" from the drop down menu to the right of the email address field.

  • Now enter your email password in the text field under email text field and click the "Sign In" button.

  • Now you can easily read and compose new emails from your SBCglobal account. Log out of your SBC Global account when you are done reading your email. Because you are accessing your SBCglobal account from a computer or cell phone that does not belong to you it is important to log back out of the account when you are done.


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