How to Put Skins on "Minecraft" on a Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire

You are given free hand to build whatever you can imagine in a world created by “Minecraft.” By the use of different kinds of blocks you can build almost anything. Minecraft also involves some social elements. The popularity of the game is increasing day by day and multiplayer servers have started emerging. In order to change the appearance of the characters users have started creating their own ways. It is called changing “skin.” Including “Minecraft Pocket Edition” for the Kindle Fire HD, adding skin is now available for all “Minecraft” versions.


Skin Sites

There are two steps for you to follow if you want to add skins to “Minecraft Pocket Edition.” First of all you create or download the skin and secondly you apply it. There are many apps that don’t have a skin creator but they let you apply skins. There are a few free skin websites that you can visit, i.e. Nova Skin, TheSkindex or Minecraft Skins. You can not only modify popular skins but you can also download them.  It is better to search for the term “PE” at the above mentioned websites in order to make sure you get a skin that works on your “Minecraft Pocket Edition” game.

BlockLauncher Pro

You can download different textures and patches in order to change the appearance and feel of your “Minecraft” game by using an application for “Minecraft Pocket Edition” called BlockLauncher Pro. You can also go to Google Play if you want to download BlockLaunche Pro. It will cost you $2.17 as of August 2013. Download the app and also download skins to your device from any of skin sites mentioned above. Now select the character skin you want to use by using app’s “Options” setting.


If you want to install skins for characters and blocks for free then PocketTool is the right app for you. But keep one thing in mind that this app relies on those skins that you have already downloaded from another source as described above. It is also very simple to use. Just open the app and click “Install Downloaded Content.” You can also change the skin. Firstly you need to select the skin you wish to use. Press install and then navigate back to the main tool kit of the app and click “Change Texture.” Simply Tap on the skin you want to use and then choose the option to “Use” it and finally apply your changes.

Jelly Bean Warnings

You will see many skin apps and websites providing warnings that they do not support Android Jelly Bean. But there is no need to worry about it. Actually it is an older version of Android on which KindleFire HD is based. But the device will not be upgraded because Android added its own code and functions called a “fork.” You are free to have fun with these apps on your Kindle Fire HD.


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