How to Make a Skype Call Easily and Quickly (Step by Step)


Skype is a computer application that allows users to make and receive calls from any part of the world, provided the internet connection. The application can be downloaded from the website. All you need is to have a computer, microphone, speakers and high speed internet connection. Here are some of the steps to make a call with Skype.

Visit Skype’s website to download and install it on your PC. It comes with a step by step guide that you need to follow. Only a couple of minutes are required to download and install Skype.

Now select the Skype user name which is not already taken by any other Skype user. Select the password and must make sure to choose the one that is easy to remember.

Add your friends to the contact list. For this you need to click Add Contacts and enter the Skype user name to search. Choose the name from the list and click add. Send the personal message to your friend and wait for the request to be accepted.

Before making the call make sure that your microphone and speakers are working properly. If you are going to have a video chat, make sure that webcam is working properly. It can be tested by clicking Skype test call. Follow the instructions given.

Select your friend from the list you wish to call and click the green phone button. The phone on your friend’s computer will ring and you can start conversation after your friend has accepted the call. You can also go for advanced options such as sending files, start chat, mute call or put the call on hold.

To hang up the call, click the red phone button. If you are already in contact’s options select hang up. 


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