How to Make a Skype Chat from Your iPhone


Skype Chat on iPhone: The Skype application on iPhone allows you to chat online with friends and relatives in many ways such as voice, chat and video. It also give access to users to switch between different chat modes while chat is in the process. In order to use Skype, you first need to sign up for an account and get permission from the people in your contacts to communicate with them on Skype.

Click the Skype icon on your home screen and click the button that permits you to invite to create an account. Now accept the terms and conditions and complete the information in the Create account screen. Upload your profile picture, fill out your name, address, email, Skype name and your phone number along with country code. Complete the process by clicking Create Account and login to your account to continue. Click on the search box right above the contact tab to search for the person you want to chat. You can either type in the Skype name or full name of the person to add to contact. In order to make sure that you are adding the right person, check the profile. Then check the gear icon to back arrow followed by add contact.

A dialog box will appear with the standard contact request message. Either you can edit the message or just send it without editing. You have successfully completed the contact request and now you have to wait for the person to accept your request. Do the same process to search on for Skype contacts and send the request.

To return to your all contact screen, press the back button.  A list of all those contacts will appear who have accepted your request.

Filter the contact you wish to chat, have a voice chat or video call. Touch the name of the contact followed by Video call button to do fact to face chat. After your call has been answered you will be greeted by from the other end.

In order to chat via text message choose the IM button and tap within the message box at the end of the screen. After typing your message, you can simple press enter or touch send button to dispatch the message. 


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