Guide to Download Skype On Mobile


Download Skype on Mobile: If you have downloaded Skype on your mobile phone, you are able to converse with all your contacts simply by using your cell phone without having the need to use either your PC or any other technological gadgets. If you have close relatives outside of the country, or you are required to make frequent work-related international calls, downloading Skype on your mobile will enable you to save a reasonable amount of money as well. The best thing about downloading Skype on your cell phone is that it would run without a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection.

The process of downloading Skype on your cell phone can be carried out in the following easy steps:

Downloading Skype Lite for LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia:

  1. Open the website

  2. Type “Download Skype Lite” in the search box. You will see several links for downloading Skype on the webpage.

  3. Click the link that reads “Skype for mobile phone”.

  4. You will be directed to the download page. Read the guide and instructions given at the bottom of the page. If you think that the software serves your needs and is compatible with your particular mobile phone, move to the top of the page and click the green button reading “Download lite version now.”

  5. Type your cell phone number in the required box and click the button reading “Send SMS”. Within minutes, you will receive a message on your cell phone which will guide you through the installation process.


Downloading Skype on iPhone and iPod Touch:

  1. Open the website

  2. Type “Download Skype for iPhone” in the search box.

  3. You will see several links appear on the page. Click on the one that reads “ Skype for iPhone”

  4. Click on the button that reads “Get it now”.

  5. You will be prompted to launch iTunes. Click the “Okay” button.

  6. When iTunes is launched, look for the Get App button and click it. The program will ask you to sign into the iTunes store. In case you do not have an account for iTunes store, it can be created right here. After entering your username and password in the required windows, click the “Get” button.

  7. You may be prompted to either agree or disagree to the terms of use. You can click the “Continue” button in order to go forward.

  8. You can download the Skype application easily and quickly by clicking the “Applications” button. This button can be found beneath the library menu.

  9. The next step involves connecting your iPhone to the computer. Clicking on “Transfer purchases will sync Skype with the iPhone.


Downloading Skype for Windows mobile

  1. Open the website

  2. Type “Download Skype for Windows Mobile” in the search box.

  3. You will see a link on the next page which will read “Skype 2.5 for Windows mobile.” Click this link

  4. You will next see a green button “ Download to your PC.” Save this file with the help of “save file” option.

  5. When the file is saved on your PC, double click it so that the installer can be activated. You will receive instructions by the installer.

  6. On your mobile phone, you will see specific instructions for installing on the device. Follow them by letter.

  7. Alternatively, you may directly download it to your mobile device with the help of a green button reading “Download it directly on your device.” Check the option reading “open file after download” and click “yes”. You will see an installer screen. The installation can be completed by following the instructions.


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