Download Skype on PSP Slim (Step by Step)


Download Skype on PSP Slim: Making Skype to Skype conversation over the internet anywhere in the world is absolutely free of charge. The Sony PSP slim models 2000and above are compatible with Skype. The software needed for running the program is already built-in in the device.

Skype for PSP Slim

The process of updating the console for downloading and enabling Skype on the Sony PSP slim is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Instructions for Downloading Skype for PSP Slim:

  1. Take out any games that may be in the disk drives. Turn the PSP on and reach the network icon by pressing the ‘right’ button.

  2. If you can see the Skype icon in the Network category, it means that Skype is already installed on your console.

  3. Connect the power adapter to the console and plug it into an electric socket. The machine should be fully charged before you attempt to update it. You must also make sure that the PSP is plugged into during the entire process.

  4. Insert a Memory Stick into the Console’s slot and turn it on.

  5. Turn the PSP on with the disc drive empty. You will be taken to the PSP home menu.

  6. Select ‘System update’ from the setting tab. Choose the option “update via internet”. Select the relevant network from the list of available networks.

  7. If your internet connection hasn’t already been setup, you can set it up by choosing ‘New Connection’. Follow the instruction for connecting to a wireless network.

  8. Download the latest update. When it is finished, select the Memory Stick on the PSP home menu. Press ‘X’ to locate the data and again to selecting and starting update. It will take several minutes for the process to complete.

  9. You will find the Skype icon in the PSP home menu. When you press ‘X’ you will be able to see the log-in screen of Skype.

Suggestions and Warnings:
  • You will need a headset if you want to use Skype on the PSP.
  • You can also log onto an existing Skype account through the PSP.
  • Do not remove the memory stick in the middle of the process.


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