How to Install and Use Skype for PSP (Step by Step)

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You can easily make free calls with Skype for PSP to other Skype users not only on PSP, but also on PC, Mac. Not only this but you can also make paid phone calls from your PSP to any land-line number anywhere in the world.

Today, we are going to explain, how to use actually Skype on PSP easily and quickly. To use Skype, you need the following things.


  • a PSP-2000, PSP-3000, or PSP-N1000 (PSPgo)
  • a Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • a Memory Stick Pro DUO with at least 1MB of free memory
  • A PSP Headset (model PSP-270) and a PSP Headphone with Remote Control (model PSP-S140
  • a PSP USB Microphone (PSP-240).


Step by Step.

Skype for PSPCheck if your Psp's Wi-Fi switch is ON, if not, turn it ON.

How to use skype on PSPUnplug the PSP Headphone from the earphone jack of the PSP Remote Control cable.

Skype PSPNow plug your PSP Headset into the earphone jack of the Remote Control cable.

In the next step, plug the Remote Control wire into the Video-Out port on the bottom left of your PSP.

install skype on PSPUpgrade the PSP 3.90 or later. You can easily upgrade by entering the Home Menu and go left to Settings. From that point, span up to System Update and press X.

After installation of updates and coming back to the Home Menu, scroll right to Network. From here, span down to the Skype symbol. Press X to start Skype.

play games skype pspFinally you are ready to use Skype on PSP and can begin calling your loved ones anywhere in the world. You can also play games on Skype right from your PSP with other skype users anytime.

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