Sony's Xperia Z1S - A Phone Or A Fish

News - United States

If you have accidentally dropped your costly smartphone in water, it can create a lot of problems for you.  It may also cause you to start thinking about inventing a waterproof smartphone.

The good news is that Sony has come up with the solution of your problem. In order to bring us this new technology Sony teamed up with Motim and SoftFacade. Six apps, available on Google Play Store, are released. Tiny Umbrella and Rainy-oak are a couple of really interesting apps.

The other apps require you to put your phone fully under water. No doubt this new technology by Sony will reduce your worries to some extent. Goldie app is also one of six interesting apps. Goldfish loves being in water and getting it out of water makes it really upset. When the app is opened under normal condition it makes Goldie really upset. But once you put your Sony Xperia in water you will see that how water makes Goldie happy.

Sony’s Goldie is really an interesting app. All these six app are free for you, available at Google Play Store. All the apps are particularly designed to work with Xperia Z1S. You can have this app installed on other devices but is not suggested.   

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