Sprint Replies T-Mobile by launching new $60 Unlimited Data Plan

News - United States

John Legere, CEO T-Mobile, is dreaming of acquiring Sprint in order to become one of the top three carriers of the country before the beginning of new year. But Sprint’s new leader does not think that way.

T-Mobile $60 Unlimited Data Plan

For the individual users the company, Sprint, has launched new $60 unlimited data plan. According to the company tomorrow the new offer will be made available. Further according to Sprint it is offering the best value.  

T-Mobile is charging $80 for the same offering. It means it is an opportunity for you to save your hard earned money. The interesting thing is that Verizon and AT&T do not even offer such unlimited plans. Sprint has faced a lot of challenges over past few weeks. But now under the leadership of new CEO, Marcelo Claure, the company has started putting things in order. We are expecting a lot from Marcelo Claure. According to Sprint the new $60 plan is the only cheap way to access unlimited data. 


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