Sprint Introduces $50 Unlimited Data Plan For iPhone 6

Sprint - United Kingdom

Sprint has launched a $50 unlimited data plan for the two recently announced models of iPhone, iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus. Sprint’s “Simply Unlimited Plan” is actually a $50 dollar unlimited talk, text and data plan especially for iPhone 6 users.

Sprint Introduces $50 Unlimited Data Plan For iPhone 6

A few weeks ago the carrier launched a $60 unlimited plan and now it has come up with a new $50 unlimited plan. We know that AT&T and Verizon have no unlimited offerings but the unlimited plan offered by T-Mobile costs $80.

The carrier is actually trying to make the most of the launch of two iPhone models, iPhone 6 and phone 6 Plus. It is expected that very soon we will also see other carriers offering such plans in order to attract new iPhone buyers.

Sprint has also allowed customers to pay $20 a month in order to lease the iPhone and upgrade after 2 years. For this purpose the carrier is coming with “iPhone for life plan.” Those who are buying or thinking of buying iPhone 6 will now also think about which carriers have the best plan for them.  


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