Learn How to Sign In to Hotmail Account

Login Guide - United States

Hotmail account holders are able to access their email from any computer connected to Internet. The whole procedure of signing into Hotmail is same as it is for other free web-based email services. You can also access Hotmail through Windows Live website. There are only two thing you need to know, you username and password in order to sign in successfully.       

Things you will need
  • Computer or laptop

  • Internet Connection

  • Internet browser

  • Hotmail email account

Step By Step Guide

1. Turn on your computer and open the Internet browser you have installed on your computer. Enter Hotmail.com or Live.come in the address bar of you computer and press “Enter.”

2. Now you are required to carefully type your full Hotmail email address in ‘Windows Live ID’ text field and your password in the ‘Password’ text field on the page.

3. If you want the site to remember your login name and password, you need to check “Remember me” and “Remember password.” It is suggested so that you may save your time. But you should do so only on your own computer.

4. When you are done press “Sign In” button so that you may have access to your Hotmail email account.
Our Hotmail email login guide brings answers to all those problematic questions in your mind like how to login or sign in Hotmail account, how to retrieve password or user ID. There should not be any kind of problem in logging in to Hotmail account, if you are trying to get the job done with the help of our step by step guide.

Apart from this Hotmail login screenshots and learning videos are also available, in case our Hotmail email login guide fails to offer solution to your problem. Hotmail email account links, from web have been selected very carefully, just to bring you the best assistance possible. Don’t hesitate and feel free to visit our selected web links which are given below.

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