The Best Calendar App For IPhone


A calendar app is like an efficient personal assistant. It would remind you of important meetings, and appointments, and update you on the events and occasions that you have planned with different colleagues, friends and relatives. Most of us are unable to afford personal assistants, fortunately however, there are calendar apps which are affordable and extremely useful.

Some of the most useful calendar apps for iPhone can be had for less than $ 10. These are much more effective than the Apple’s stock calendar app which does not offer any novel features. On other apps you may find conference calling, Facebook events and some great sports schedules.

The gauge with which an app should be analyzed is the availability of essential functions as well as a long list of other features that would overwhelm the user like integrating events, remembering special occasions, and making sure that you are not late for a date.

Sunrise app will do everything that you would expect from a great calendar app  - alerts, map directions, birthdays, events and much more. The app will make each and every day special for you. It offers indicators for weather, list and photos of people who are attending an event, smart icons, and integration with widely used services that announce upcoming events, concerts and trips. The Foursquare integration allows you to watch a history of all the places that you have visited. The evernote integration provides an opportunity to see the reminders.

The connectivity of Sunrise with the internet is phenomenal. New features and integration are added each week. Interesting calendars can be added for sports events, holidays, and schedule of your beloved sports team.

Sunrise also offer integration with Facebook which help you keep track of invitations from friends and acquaintances that have been received on the social network.

The app saves a lot of your time and effort by allowing you to bypass the process of inputting separate calendar for birthdays. These are automatically imported by Sunrise. The application allows you to write on a friend’s wall and send him texts.

Moreover, Sunrise also offers companion apps for the iPad and the desktop. These are free of cost.

A user can sign into the app in one of three ways, Facebook, Google or by registering with e-mail. Once you have signed in to the Sunrise, it will bring down all the events from the service that you choose to integrate it with. The user also has the option of tying in their social network accounts. Sunrise allows you to manage your social calendar and your regular calendar simultaneously – And it does it in a very efficient manner.

The main view of the Sunrise calendar displays two week’s view. There is a list beneath the main view. The two-week view can be replaced with a view of the entire month.

One of the best features of Sunrise Calendar is that it can display icons next to your calendar and categorize them as well. This allows you to see what the events of the day without having to read all about them.

Sunrise is perhaps the best alternative calendar application for iPhone which supports iCloud calendars as well as Google.


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