HTC's One M8 for Windows Is Now Coming To T-Mobile

T-Mobile - United States

According to Upleaks, T-Mobile is about to introduce HTC One M8 for Windows on its network. Sprint, on the other hand has also same kind of plan, says TK Tech News.

HTC's One M8 for Windows

The HTC One M8 is really a masterpiece. Can you imagine what kind of combination it would be when HTC One M8 meets Windows Phone 8.1? Soon you will have the opportunity to own this amazing phone without entering into any kind of contract with Verizon or AT&T. It has been confirmed today by T-Mobile that it is going to offer the HTC One M8 for Windows. The company, T-Mobile, has not said anything about pricing and availability of One M8 for Windows.

But if you are interested in it a sign up page have been created by the company for you. It was just last week when AT&T made an announcement about selling the phone and it is T-Mobile following AT&T’s footsteps.  Right now we need to wait for further details, about pricing and availability. HTC One M8’s coming to T-Mobile is really good news for the One M8’s lovers.

It is also good news for HTC and Microsoft because both the companies are really going through hard times in smartphone market. HTC One M8 can become a first Windows Phone that will be available on all 4 carriers. And the phone’s availability on all the networks will be a really big achievement not only for HTC but also for Microsoft’s Windows Phone. According to some, the phone’s wider availability will play a great role in its success. 

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