T-Mobile Announces Support for Wi-Fi Calling and Texting on All New Cell Phones

T-Mobile - United States

John Legere announced plans for the new “Wi-Fi Unleashed” campaign, during T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 7.0 event in San Francisco.

The carrier has announced support for Wi-Fi calling and texting on all new cell phones that also include two newly released models of iPhone 6. Now the customer are able to make HD voice calls no matter they are connected to a Wi-Fi network or one of the carrier’s tower. This point can also be understood in the words of Tim Cook, Apple CEO, when he said that Wi-Fi calling actually lets you to set up and place calls over a Wi-Fi network instead of connecting with a carrier’s tower.

Areas with poor or no T-Mobile coverage are ideal for Wi-Fi calling and texting that lets users call and text over a Wi-Fi network. The two newly released iPhone 6 models also get Wi-Fi support, according to Apple.

Now buy a new smartphone from any T-Mobile store and you will be able to use Wi-Fi calling and texting. According to Neville Ray, CTO T-Mobile, customers should not face any kind of problem in moving calls from VoLTE to Wi-Fi. Now your call will not drop due to bad network. If you are on a call and you get into a lift where you have only Wi-Fi coverage available then you will be converted to Wi-Fi network, without your call being dropped. In the words of John Legere, we can say that every single Wi-Fi network is now a T-Mobile tower.       


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