Learn How to Create & Test iPhone Web Applications


Anyone who is interested in developing a web app for iPhone will surely have little knowledge of HTML coding.  The testing of HTML code developed for an iPhone can be very puzzling. There are number of tools available in the market that allows users to test web application of iPhone without upsetting them about app store process.

First of all download MobiOne and install it on your device. Although the app is only available for windows OS only, however, it will be a good tool for iPhone testing. There are other iPhone testing options available, in case you find MobiOne not fulfilling your needs.

Run the MobiOne design center, if you are starting from scratch. In case you have a web application designed, you can avoid testing your app designs.

Drag and drop modules on the canvas to design your web app. Once you have completed the designing, the app is ready to be tested.

Testing of iPhone App Designs

At the top right of the phone, you need to click the green button to run the app in MobiOne test center. It will examine the application in a cohesive iPhone device emulator.

Open HTML file from the file menu. Open the file that you saved on your device. You won’t need to open it separately if you designed the project for the first time.

On the basis of your needs, test the application. Click all through to make sure that it is working as you want it to be.

In the toolbar, click on the envelop to send the app or website directly to the iPhone.

If you are residing in USA using AT&T services, the format will appear like 56234@txt.att.net/. For other carriers you need to find out respective formats.

After receiving the link, your application will load straight away on your phone for testing purpose and sharing. According to MobiOne, this method will only be live for three days as it is for just testing purpose and not as hosting service.


Alternative iPhone Testing Options

If you are unable to meet your needs with MobiOne, make sure to search for other tools options available. TestiPhone online simulator is an example for other tools.

In the address bar, enter the URL of your application in iPhone. It will load your app in TestiPhone emulator. It is now time that you can find out any bugs and shortcomings in your application code. 


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