Three-Way Call (Conference Calling) on Virgin Mobile - Step by Step

Virgin Mobile

Learn how to make 3 way/conference call on Virgin Mobile easily and quickly with our step by step Virgin Mobile helping guide. Virgin Mobile offers its customers wide range of cell phones plans and choices to fulfill their requirements. almost all plans incorporate unlimited text, email and Internet searching, each with a number of other options including talk minutes available from 300 minutes up to unlimited calls. The telephones additionally offer lot of exciting features including the capability to place three-way calls with Virgin Mobile. When making a conference call with Virgin Mobile, you will utilize double minutes in the same time and will pay for two calls at the same time ($0.10 per min, per call).

For conference calling from your virgin mobile just dial the first number. When the person on the other side pick your phone, ask him to hold a moment.  Now press "R" and dial the second number or select from the contact list. When you have that person at stake, you can connect the three-way call easily and quickly.

In the next step press "R3" to join both callers together and start the three-way/conference call. If you are in the red zone, you just need to press "R."  Press "R4" to converse with the first caller just or "R6" to just converse with the second individual. This feature is not available in the red zone.


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