Top 5 Amazing Apps for iPhone


Some of the top free iPhone apps that you would love to have on your phone without paying even a penny.


Do you like to be a social media addict? Buffer is surely an app for you. Posting on different social websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus can be scheduled according to your desire. You might want to tweet or share on Facebook when you get maximum response from the people. Buffer is aimed to provide you this facility within the appropriate time. Insights and stats of your pages and tweets can also be seen.

Top iPhone Apps


Can’t manage your money properly or running out of budget before the month ends. Guess what, BillGuard is a handy tool made for iPhone users like you. It helps you manage the expenditures and spending habits. The app is aimed to get you off from the irregular and careless spending and to pay your bills without any trouble. Also it will inform you about the frequent charges that you may not use in the future.


If you are addicted to shop online, Dashlane is an app that you must go for. It helps you to keep track of your spending and helps you to find receipts. Dashlane is available free of charges but the premium version proves to be worth and allows you to experience features that are not in free version.


You must be finding a good home to accommodate and live comfortably. But adding to your misery, plenty of websites don’t show you the best properties available. However, there is nothing to worry now because Zillow will help you to get information on every property available within your area. You can find the rental property and property on sale with various prices options. Pick up the best one that suits your pocket. The app is very much easy to use and get you in contact with the property owner without any hassle.


Those who are very much worried about their weight must go for this app. Nonetheless, it really works out so well that some people have succeeded to lose almost 50 pounds. It sets realistic goals and make you follow the plan and stick to it. It helps you to keep the record of all the meals, counting calories, burned fats through exercise and lot more. Get in shape within a few months, provided that you are very much realistic about your goals. Don’t ignore this amazing app if you are really looking for fitness and health without wasting too much time and money on medicines and drugs.


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