AT&T's new $39 Plan comes with broadband internet, a basic U-verse TV package, HBO and Amazon Prime

AT&T - United States

Are you one of those who want HBO but also wish to avoid other costly channels? If your answer is yes, that means AT&T’s new plan is for you. The carrier is now coming with a deal you can’t resist broadband, plus HBO and 1 year subscription to Amazon prime for just $40 per month. It is really a cool offer isn’t it. Your cable operator is charging you $50 every month for a number of channels you don’t want to watch. But now with AT&T’s new offer you can you will get not only HBO but also Amazon Prime for just $40.    


Amazon is actually planning to have a streaming video business in order to compete with Netflix. The important thing is the new package is currently available for one year and there is also a $99 installation fee. AT&T is also interested in buying Fullscreen, a YouTube video network which generates more than four billion views every month. Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon are also planning to launch such kind of low-cost packages.


According to AT&T the new package “allows customers to benefit from significant savings, the ability to watch popular content across their devices and surf with faster broadband speeds”. For U-verse Internet customers, AT&T has planned a different package, which includes broadband and a free year of Amazon Prime. It is actually a $30 per month package for Atlanta, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco. This new offer is only for new U-verse customers who order online and the offer will end on Dec 13, 2014, says AT&T.


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