How to Uninstall an App on the Nook Tablet


Delete Apps on Nook: A software update brought with it the capacity to download applications mainly customized for the Barnes & Noble Nook digital book reader. Alongside reading books and magazines, you can download applications to play games, stay aware of the news and make upgrades on social networking sites. Despite the fact that you can download the applications specifically from your gadget, you can't uninstall it from the Nook. To get rid of the application from your Nook, you need to first erase it from your Barnes & Noble record. 

Quite recently, the Barnes and Noble Nook HD made very much a blend when company stated that it would get the Play Store introduced natively - this shows that as opposed to trying to go up against Amazon and the Fire by making its environment, the Nook would now be more likened to a general Android tablet. Not precisely an Android tablet, however very nearly. Also similarly, you didn't need to root the tablet to get the tablet connect with Google services.

As for deleting applications from the NOOK, there are 2 approaches to do so. Archive them, which makes them accessible later on for your use if you choose to keep them. On the other hand, go online to your BN Account and into your niche library and erase them. Just do this if you are certain you would prefer not to ever use them again, as this erases them for good. However, if you want to use them again you need to re-buy them.

Removing applications from Barnes & Noble Online

  1. Sign into your Barnes & Noble account from a desktop.

  2. Span down and click "My Nook Library" spotted in the Digital Management area.

  3. Check the box next to “Applications." A list of your Nook applications shows up.

  4. Click "Erase" on the application you need to uninstall.

  5. Click "Delete Permanently." The application is currently erased from your Barnes & Noble record. Whenever you sync your Nook gadget with your Pc, the application is removed from the gadget.


Removing applications from Computer

  1. Plug the USB link into the Nook and the flip side into your desktop.

  2. Go to "My Computer". You can either use the desktop icon – if you have it, or click the “Start " button on the taskbar and search for it in the menu. In "My Computer" find the drive that is allocated for your Nook.

  3. Search the book folder that you need to erase. Right click the book and select "Erase". The book must be gone now. To check this remove the Nook from your Pc and check it.

Note: Remember this works for applications you buy. A few "applications" are a part of the system and can't be removed.


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