How to Unlock Your AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone (Step by Step)

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People who are using AT&T cellular services and like their present cell phone have to switch to different wireless carrier due to poor coverage, non availability of services or getting to a new place. The problem arises when the person does not wish to change cell phone and is satisfied with the current plans and services. If you are presently satisfied with the cell you have, here are some tips to get you present AT&T phone unlocked.


Find out whether your phone is CDMA or GSM phone. This is because you can’t unlock CDMA phones while GSM phones can be unlocked easily. It is all because of SIM card. SIM cards are used to connect to the network of AT&T while CMDA phones do not come with SIM card and the link is 'hardwired' into the phone itself. All you have to do is to switch SIM cards in order to go for another service. At this point you may have observed that CDMA phones are difficult to unlock.


Unlock AT&T PhoneCall AT&T service center and it is the most recommended and suitable way to unlock AT&T cell phone. Make sure that if you are in contract with the service provider then you have to wait for the period to finish. You have to wait until the contract expires and then you can go for unlocking the device.


Unlock Cell PhoneSearch for unlock codes on the web. If you are incapable to convince AT&T to unlock your phone, you find number of sources on the internet providing unlock codes. These websites normally charge up to $10 in order to unlock your phone. If you feel that the amount is too much for you to afford, you can also find number of websites providing free unlock codes. and are some of the sites worthy to mention.


AT&T prepaid plansFor Sony Ericsson users pay for the unlock code for AT&T/Cingular Sony Ericsson phones. If you want to unlock one of the models of Sony Ericsson, there is no better place than Amazon. Make sure that you cell phone is of particular model from the list provided by the site.

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