How to Update the Firmware for a Netgear Router

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You are suggested to keep your Netgear Router’s firmware updated. It not only helps in improving your router’s performance but also serves as a shield for your network against different kinds of security threats. There are two ways to update your firmware on your Netgear router. You can do it by the automatic method or manual method. You are suggested manual method in case there is particular firmware version you desire to install.


What Do You Need?

Computer or laptop, Internet Connection, Internet browser and Netgear Router

Step By Step Guide

Automated Upgrade

  1. First of all you need to open the Netgear Genie application. In order to load the Router Setting panel, press “Router Setting.” There is also another way to open the Router Setting panel. You can do so by clicking the “Click here” link below the router setting icon on the right side of your computer screen.

  2. Now you need to type your Netgear router’s administrative user name and password in given text boxes. Generally, “admin” and “password” are the default username and password for the Netgear routers. Make sure Caps Lock key is not on because both these text boxes are case sensitive. Ensure that all the letters used by you are lowercase. Then press “Ok” in order to log in.

  3. Now you need to go to the Router Update tab, so press the arrow icons in the top right corner of the Router Settings panel. In order to load the Router Update screen go to the “Router Update” tab.

  4. In order to have Netgear Genie scan for new firmware, press “Next.” Netgear Genie lets you know if there is new firmware available. Press “Next” and then finally press “Finish,” in order to launch Web-based administration panel.

  5. In order to log in you are required to type your router’s administrative username and password once again. Click the “A router firmware update is available” link after logging in. You should see this link at the top of admin panel.

  6. You need to press “Yes” button in order to proceed. After the completion of this update your router will reboot automatically.

Upgrading Manually

  1. First of all you need to have the firmware version you want. So go to Netgear’s support website in order to download it. You are required to provide model number of your router in the Search text box. Press “Get More Downloads” and after that in order to download the firmware of your choice click the “Download Now” link.

  2. Now you need to open a new internet browser and go to Web-based administration panel for your Netgear router. It does not matter which Netgear router model you got the address remains the same.

  3. By using the administrative username and password, of your router, log in to the administration panel. Generally, “admin” and “password” are the default username and password for the Netgear routers. You should see the Netgear Genie interface if you are using a new router. You should see the Netgear Smart Wizard interface, if you are using an old router.

  4. Now if you are seeing the “Genie Interface,” go to the “Advanced tab” and see below the Administration heading, click “Firmware Update.”

  5. You need to click “Router Upgrade” link, in case you are seeing Smart Wizard interface on your computer screen.

  6. Press “Choose File” in order to browse the firmware file you downloaded earlier

  7. In order to start the automated update process and upload the firmware you need to press “Upload” button. After the successful installation of the update your router will reboot once. 


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