Verizon to Launch Auto Share Service Later This Year

Verizon - United States

Verizon has confirmed that “Auto Share” service will be launched later this year. Auto share service lets the drivers to load an app on a mobile phone to rent a car or truck.

Verizon Auto Share

A Verizon exec told VentureBeat that the aim of the company is to create a platform to share virtually anything. The new Auto Share service will be unveiled this week at the ITS World Congress in Detroit. The service will be available by the end of this year.

If you are a driver, first you need to install an application on your phone or tablet and then you will be able to use the new service. Auto Share lets your phone app to scan a QR code and capture the car’s unique ID number. Now you don’t have to wait for your rental car where ever you go. Just simply scan the QR code, get validated and enjoy your drive. Leave the car anywhere when you are done. According to Verizon, the user will be asked to provide a password or PIN and then he will be able to use the car.

Verizon is also thinking about compiling data regarding users’ preferences in order to improve the service. Wireless communication giant, Verizon, has said in statement that it will work with other car rental companies and auto dealers, and won’t rent out the cars itself. According to Mike Toto, director of business development and strategic planning for Verizon's IoT Connected Solutions division, “Auto Share will open new areas of opportunity for Verizon.”        


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