Verizon Introduces $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data

Verizon - United States

New single line plan by Verizon has been unveiled. With the new line single plan offered by Verizon, you will be able to get unlimited text messages, voice minutes, and 2GB of data.

Verizon Single Line Plan

Verizon single plan

Connect to America's most reliable 4G LTE network when you choose a 2GB Smartphone Single Line plan.

The best part of the news is you can have all this for $60 per month. You can further bring down this monthly bill to $50 if you buy a new phone via Verizon’s Edge.  

It is true that the new single line plan is not going to appeal everyone but it will definitely appeal those who do not need a lot of data and have only one line to worry about. The prices were not competitive when Verizon offered new single plan in the month of March --- $60 for 1GB, $75 for 2GB. AT&T offers 2GB for $65 per month. It means you can save $5. Sprint offers 1GB for $55 per month. So what do you guys think about this new offer, by Verizon. Isn’t it great? 


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