T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T to Carry Samsung Galaxy Note 4

News - United States

Last year Galaxy Note 3 was released via all top US carriers, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, US Cellular.

Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung has not announced the release date of Galaxy Note 4 but one thing is sure that all the top four carriers will carry the phone. The carriers will carry not only Galaxy Note 4 but also Galaxy Note Edge. 

The news has been confirmed by all the top four carriers. Verizon says that the launch of Galaxy Note 4 should be expected very soon, but Note Edge should be expected later this fall. AT&T is launching both Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. Sprint will launch Note 4 next month and Note Edge later. T-Mobile says Galaxy Note 4 will be launched next month but Note Edge should be expected later this fall.

Now what about the price? It is difficult to say anything about the pricing at this stage. But we can expect that both, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge, will cost you $299 and $600, on contract and off-contract respectively. 


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